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STUDIO 8 (two artists)
Gossman Pottery

Andrew Howard1

Bill Gossman –Handmade and wood fired porcelain & stoneware, using local materials

Artist Bio: During the single digits of my life I was fascinated with clay. I dreamed of constructing a daub and wattle type hut on the bank of a creek near my house and spending the night in it. At sunrise I rose and dipped a clay vessel I had made into the cool waters for my first drink of the new day. This image is still with me today and though I realized then that it was only a dream, it felt so real and perfect to me and I wanted to share that feeling with others. I strive to create works that convey a sense of this innocent contemplation and meditation.


Andrew Howard image 1a
Andrew Howard

Artist Bio:  My name is Andrew Staton Howard.  I have a small pottery studio, open to the public, located thirty minutes south of Glenwood, MN

I make simple pottery of tradition forms.  Making the pottery from conception involves the study of clay, fire, chemistry, science, nature, society, feelings and thoughts in a sequential serenade.  The fortune of compatibility gives me a sense of serendipity, leaving me in quiet quandary.

Studio address: 313 1st Ave SE, New London
Directions: Turn east on 1st Ave SE, 4 blocks to end of road, red house on left.

Studio phone: 320-354-5723
PARTIALLY handicapped-accessible
Beautiful setting overlooking the Middle Fork Crow River


Bead Jam

Laurel Iverson1

Laurel Iverson Wire-Wrapped  and Beaded Jewelry

Artist’s Bio: Laurel Iverson’s studio is also her bead shop, Bead Jam in New London.  There she sells beading supplies, teaches classes and works on her trademark wire-wrapped cabochon jewelry.  Laurel’s formal education is a four-year degree in art.   She also periodically takes additional classes in beading and other artistic mediums, plus is self-taught in many beading and wire-working techniques.  Enjoying variety, most of Laurel’s jewelry is a unique and one-of-a-kind design that gives the wearer individual expression as well.

Studio address: Bead Jam Bead Shop | 13 Main Street N, New London
Directions: From Highway 23, turn East onto State Highway 9 which becomes Main Street in New London.  Bead Jam is in downtown New London on the right, next to Camille’s Closet, and sharing an entryway with New London Real Estate.

Studio phone: 320-354-5753
Partially Handicapped-accessible
Restroom available


Dana Weiss1

Dana Weiss Hand built Pottery

Artist’s Bio: I attended a high school music academy in Sarajevo, former Yugoslavia, studying piano and guitar. When the war broke out I left for kibbutz in Israel where I learned Hebrew and taught kindergarten children for 10 years. I immigrated to the U.S. with my husband and made our home in New London MN.

I was first introduced to pottery in 2008 thanks to Julie and Glen Joplin, at the Pottery Workshop. I have been able to rediscover my love of art and craftsmanship and have enjoyed seeing other people validate my work.  In 2012, I was very fortunate to receive an Individual Artist Grant from The Southwest Minnesota Art & Humanities Council.

I create my pottery using the slab-building method. Clay is rolled out flat, and then imprinted with texture before being formed into functional or decorative pottery and then fired in electrical kiln. Lead free glazes are used in order for the functional pieces to be food safe. They may be used in microwave and oven as long as you preheat the pottery with the oven. As with all fine handmade objects, hand washing is advised

Studio address: 20631 Cty Rd 9 NE, New London

Studio phone: 320-444-7922
Partially Handicapped-accessible

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