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STUDIO 7 –(two artists)

Dauk image1

Violet Dauk — Painting and Jewelry

Artist Bio: Creating art has always been a captivating experience for me where I pour my heart, soul and dreams into every piece of artwork. As a young artist it was difficult for me to get beyond the feeling that people were reading my private story in the art I created. I’ve grown to understand that people filter my paintings through the lens of their experience and read into my artwork their own stories. I now enjoy comments that my artwork does tell stories, that my animals have attitude and that my work is colorful, whimsical, unique, and spiritual.

I love to work in a number of mediums. Each medium brings its own satisfaction: Watercolor with the way it flows together to create its own mystery and whimsy; Oil with a buttery consistency as you paint it on the canvas; Clay with its silkiness can be molded into any object you desire; Photography as it captures moments of life.

For the past year and have I have been illustrating children’s books. It has been a huge learning experience. Two are complete, with more in the works.

Miller image1

Joan MillerStoneware

Artist Bio: My studio’s name is Grey Cloud Pottery. I have been seriously practicing pottery for about 10 years now. I say practicing because I believe there is so much to learn about working with clay. I throw on the wheel and recently started the challenge of hand building. I think I am forming my own style and am trying to expand on it. I use nature’s tones in my glazes-blue, green and rust are my favorite. I feel these colors complement the clay. The clays I use are mid-fire stoneware white, buff, and red with magnesium. My kiln is electric. My drawings on my pottery are of dragonflies, flowers and animals. The joy I receive in making my clay vessels I hope to share with others.

Studio address:  5126 Co.Rd 40, New London

Studio phone: 320-354-4103
Studio is NOT handicapped-accessible

Laurel Iverson
beaded & wire wrapped jewelry
Laurel Iverson Wire-Wrapped  and Beaded Jewelry

Artist’s Bio: Laurel has recently moved her studio from a Main Street New London shop to a space in her home.  She enjoys wire-wrapping jewelry, primarily with semi-precious gemstones.  Laurel’s formal education is a four-year degree in art. She also periodically takes classes in beading and other artistic mediums, plus is self-taught in many beading and wire-working techniques. Enjoying variety, most of Laurel’s jewelry is a unique and one-of-a-kind design that gives the wearer individual expression as well

Studio address: 105 Birch Street SE, New London
Directions: From Highway 23 outside of New London, turn northwest  onto Co.Hwy 40.  Continue on the road as it becomes Birch Street.  The studio overlooks the river behind the blue house, which is across the street from the historic church on the pond.

Studio phone: 320-354-4932
Not Handicapped-accessible
Restroom available

STUDIO 9 (two artists)
Gossman Pottery

Bill Gossman image 2a

Bill Gossman –Handmade and wood fired porcelain & stoneware, using local materials

Artist Bio: During the single digits of my life I was fascinated with clay. I dreamed of constructing a daub and wattle type hut on the bank of a creek near my house and spending the night in it. At sunrise I rose and dipped a clay vessel I had made into the cool waters for my first drink of the new day. This image is still with me today and though I realized then that it was only a dream, it felt so real and perfect to me and I wanted to share that feeling with others. I strive to create works that convey a sense of this innocent contemplation and meditation.


Larson image1
John Larson

Artist Bio:  I make sculptures, paintings, photos, drawings and functional objects. My ceramic sculptures are an investigation into representations of environmental balance as well  idealized preferences and depictions of ideas that can only be realized in sculpture. I am motivated by the limitations of native clays, the demanding wood fire process and by the necessity to communicate clearly!

John George Larson is a ceramic artist from southwest Minnesota. He discovered clayat age fourteen as a means of expression and as an alternative way of exploring fundamental physics. He has studied at Utah State University and under contemporary ceramist Oh Hyang Jong in South Korea. John fires an Anagama kiln and maintains his studio in Milan Minnesota. He uses Porcelain and Native clays with other indigenous materials to create his works

Studio address: 313 1st Ave SE, New London
Directions: Turn east on 1st Ave SE, 4 blocks to end of road, red house on left.

Studio phone: 320-354-5723
PARTIALLY handicapped-accessible
Beautiful setting overlooking the Middle Fork Crow River

Mark HaenOil and Acrylic
Mark Haen image 1a

Artist’s Bio: (to come)

Studio address: 14991 – 49th Ave.NE, Atwater
Directions: Hwy 12 East, turn left (north) on CR 4, turn right on 49th Ave

Studio phone:
Handicapped-accessible, Restroom Available

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